The Mess We Create by Donating & Volunteering After a Disaster

Good intentions without critical thinking often create secondary disasters. While it may be trendy to like and share posts to appear concerned about a recent disaster, what kind of impact does it create to the person in the disaster area. When you volunteer to cook and clean for refugees, how does that improve quality of their lives? Why do people think that people in a disaster are victims, but in fact they are survivors who are able bodied and disasters don't destroy human capacities.

When we help, we make life decisions for others. When we donate canned food and bottled water, are we creating a waste problem in disaster areas which may have their recycling infrastructure damaged? Come find out what is the right thing to do after disasters, and how to support refugees

About Robin Low

Robin is the co-founder of Relief 2.0 and Civil Innovation Lab. He has been to many different disasters for disaster relief and started several social businesses to empower marginalized communities. He is currently working with the UN and the UNHCR on a new way of engaging Refugees -- Impact Immigrant, a rebranding and training program to get refugees to create more value for society. Robin consults for various foundations and corporations on social impact and community engagement.

Robin work with Grameen Creative Lab and Nobel Laureate Prof. Muhd Yunus on Social Business Week Asia. Robin is a guest lecturer at many universities, including Emerson College, Harvard University, National University of Singapore and Singapore Management University. Robin managed several Twitter gatherings and talks in Singapore, Boston and New York. Robin is also a Speaker at TEDx Talks.

Robin is also the author of a book Good intentions are not enough” which sold over 3,000 copies and owns Greenyarn LLC, a nanotechnology company based in Boston manufacturing sustainable socks, fabric and apparel for environmentally conscious consumers.
Sat May 5, 2018
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